Tony DeMarco

We had the pleasure of experiencing a 90 minute workshop last night with New York fiddler Tony DeMarco at Pete Vigour’s studios in Charlottesville. Tony plays Sligo style fiddle and is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about New York Irish fiddle roots. Right now, I’m just going to get the tunes up while I have fast internet at work, but will add to this post later.

Jug of Punch  Listen   View Notation*  Key of Em   *Notation in Dm, Tony played it in Em
Jug of Punch with Ornaments  Listen

Larry Redigan’s Jig  Listen    Key of Am
Larry Redigan’s Jig with Ornaments  Listen

Larry Redigan’s Reel  Listen    Key of G
Golden Keyboard  Listen   View Notation  Key of Em

Also, a quick plug for Tony’s wonderful CD, Sligo Indians, available for purchase at his website, here. Along with the great music (15 tracks), the CD also has some of the most extensive and interesting liner notes I’ve seen. I can’t wait for his forthcoming book on Sligo/New York Irish Fiddle tunes.

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