Maid Behind the Bar

Last night, Alex started teaching us the Maid set, starting with Maid Behind the Bar. So glad we’re working on these tunes as they should be part of everyone’s repertoire. I started trying to learn this one a few weeks ago, so it’s good to have the extra push in class. The b part is definitely a challenge and I have to say that it’s even tougher (at first) with the bowing, but I can sense that it will make it much easier in the long run. Really appreciated Alex letting us record the bowing (and I can’t imagine being able to play a tune and speak the bowing). Thanks Alex!

Listen to Maid Behind the Bar (reel).
Listen to Maid Behind the Bar (played slower).
Listen to Maid Behind the Bar (bowing on b-part).

Killarney Boys of Pleasure

A new semester of BRIMS classes is upon us. For the time being, I’m going to try to hang with the Intermediate fiddle folks as my guitar class is at 7pm. This week we learned “The Killarney Boys of Pleasure” which Alex referenced from a Lunasa CD, though played in a different key from what we learned in class. You can hear the Lunasa version here.

Here’s the sheet music (from that key, I believe). Move it all over one string lower for the key we learned in class.

Listen to Killarney Boys of Pleasure (reel).
Listen to Killarney Boys of Pleasure (played slower).