Fiddle Tunes from Prince Edward Island

We all hear about Cape Breton, and thanks to Great Big Sea, Newfoundland. But what about Prince Edward Island? They have quite a fiddle tradition as well. Here’s a link to a wonderful resource for tunes that are played there. Interesting mix of styles. For those of us who enjoy some cross over, maybe we should consider a summer trip there! Plus, there’s always Anne of Green Gables 🙂

Prince Edward Island Fiddle Traditions

Brian Miller Northwoods Songs Blog

Came across this nice resource of traditional songs from Minnesota and the Great Lakes region. Here’s a brief description from Brian:

“Northwoods Songs features a new song each month pulled from my research. As a Minnesotan, I am particularly drawn to material connected to my home state. I am also interested in the Irish influence evident in the repertoires of lumbermen and Great Lakes sailors across the northwoods region (which I think of as the historic white pine belt from New Brunswick to Minnesota). Most of the songs here show that influence one way or another.”

Northwoods Song Blog