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Fiddle Tunes from Prince Edward Island

We all hear about Cape Breton, and thanks to Great Big Sea, Newfoundland. But what about Prince Edward Island? They have quite a fiddle tradition as well. Here’s a link to a wonderful resource for tunes that are played there. Interesting mix of styles. For those of us who enjoy some cross over, maybe we should consider a summer trip there! Plus, there’s always Anne of Green Gables 🙂

Prince Edward Island Fiddle Traditions

Session Workshop Tunes

Slip sliding away…

We’ve added two well-known slides to work on for the next two weeks. I’ve really grown quite fond of slides since our trip to Ireland. Who knows, maybe it was all the dancing with “Timmy the Brit”. Regardless, slides and polkas are fun tunes to add to your repertoire. Hope you enjoy them!

Remember for Spring break week, there will be no BRIMS classes on April 5th or 7th. So we’ll all have a chance to practice our tunes an extra week (I personally will need that!). Work on getting those reels up to speed and those transitions. Don’t put your instrument down for too long over the break. As soon as we know what the plan will be for the recital, we’ll let you know so you can focus your practice more. In the meantime, safe travels to those of you who are hitting the road!

Jig Set (3x each)
Out on the Ocean   Listen   View Notation   Key of G (A part) Em (B part)
Swallowtail Jig   Watch   View Notation   Key of Em
Connaughtman’s Rambles   Listen   View Notation   Key of D (A part) Bm (B part)
Kesh Jig   Listen   View Notation   Key of G

Reel Set (3x each)
O’Connell’s Trip to Parliament   Listen   View Notation   Key of D
Drowsy Maggie   Listen   View Notation   Key of Em (A part) D (B part)
Torn Jacket   Listen   View Notation   Key of D
Silver Spear   Listen   View Notation   Key of D

Hornpipe Set (2x each)
Boys of Blue Hill   Listen   View Notation   Key of D
Off to California   Listen   View Notation   Key of G
Napoleon Crossing the Rhine   Listen   Couldn’t find notation, sorry!   Key of Em

Slip Jig Set (3x each)
Rocky Road to Dublin   Listen   View Notation   Key of Am
Dever the Dancer   Listen   View Notation   Key of Em (A part) D (B part)
Humours of Whiskey   Listen   View Notation   Key of Bm (A part) D (B part)

Waltz Set (2x each)
Si Bheag Si Mhor   Watch   View Notation   Key of D
Fanny Poer   Watch   View Notation   Key of G
Empty Wallet Waltz   Listen (to Virginia!)   View Notation   Key of G
Planxty Irwin   Watch   View Notation   Key of G

Slide Set (3x each)
Road to Lisdoonvarna   Listen  View Notation   Key of Em
O’Keefe’s Slide   Listen  Couldn’t Find Notation   Key of Em
Here’s an up to speed version to play along with (reverse order)   Watch

This post is growing like a shamrock in springtime!

And even though this is not the key we play it in and the melody is a bit different, this is just too amazing to pass up! You really must hear (and see) this version of Napoleon Crossing the Rhine   Watch

And just for Adrienne and Julie, here’s a little tenor banjo (from a master) that I stumbled upon while trying to find a suitable recording of Swallowtail Jig. The first tune is also one some folks learned from Breda and Claire Keville in Ireland last summer. But no, it isn’t Swallowtail Jig 🙂   Watch