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Dusty Hedgehog Lambeth Live Show

Thanks to Peter Jones for sending us this recording of our Lambeth Live radio show in July. Dusty Hedgehog (Augie Fairchild on flute/whistle, Alex Davis on fiddle/concertina, and Stu James on Bouzouki) were joined by dancers Marina Madden and Chloe Hellerman for a one hour live radio show on WTJU. If you’d like to listen to the show in its entirety, just click on the top link, otherwise, if you’re interested in listening to / learning particular tunes, just click on the appropriate part of the set list. Thanks for listening!!

Entire Show

Providence Reel / Sligo Maid / Blackberry Blossom (Reels)
Joe Bane’s / Gypsy Princess (Barndances)
Helvic Head / Tir Rafartaigh / Road to Errogie (Jigs/Reel)
Trip to the Cottage / Killavil / I Ne’er Shall Wean Her (Jigs)

Station Break

O’Flaherty’s / The Bachelor (Hornpipes w/ Dancing)
Monaghan / Bride’s Favorite (Jigs – Augie solo on whistle in Cm and Eb)
O’Reilly’s Grave / Jack Rowe / Road to Cashel (Air/Reels – Alex solo fiddle)
Fairest Rose (Hornpipe in Bb)

Station Break

Trip to Durrow / Lafferty’s / Killarney Boys (Reels with dancing)
Father Tom’s Wager / Scattery Island (Jigs)
Church St. / St. Mary’s / The Rooskey (Polkas)
Maudabawn Chapel / Gravelwalks / Old Copperplate (Reels with dancing)


Once again, feeling very blessed to live in Charlottesville, where we’re fortunate to have such great Irish music come through town (thanks Lori and BRIMS!). Wednesday night’s concert at C’ville Coffee was no exception as Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O’Leary, and John Doyle, collectively known as the ALT, treated us to a fabulous evening of songs and tunes. I’m definitely biased about these three, as I’ve taken multiple classes from them at Swannanoa over the years and all are wonderful instructors and people. So happy that they are working together, and their art shows their rich experience and love of the genre.

Their CD, fresh from pressing, is a rare treat of Irish and Scottish songs (primarily) with a few tunes as a delightful seasoning. There is a focus on harmonies not as typical of Irish tradition and their voices blend beautifully. Great to hear Eamon singing many last night. I’ve always loved his version of Craigie Hills on the Live at Mona’s CD. There’s an authenticity about his voice that is very compelling on the songs he chooses. Nuala and John already have quite a repertoire of songs to their credit, but two were particularly memborable: Nuala’s Cha Tig Mor Mo Bhean Dhachaigh, sung (I believe) in Scottish Gaelic and John sang a song that he had written inspired by a Yeats poem.

Here are a couple of links of interest related to the ALT – if they’re headed your way, don’t miss them!

Preview the ALT’s new CD here

Interview with John Doyle about the ALT and an upcoming show in New England