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About this blog

This blog started out as a way to store the tunes I was learning in my beginning fiddle class at BRIMS (Blue Ridge Irish Music School) so that I could access them anywhere I had internet and I’d have a recording of the tune and notation together. But I quickly realized it would be helpful for others in class and potentially other beginning musicians learning tunes. Soon after, I also started using it as a study aid for students taking my DADGAD guitar class. Then, in the summer of 2010 when BRIMS traveled to Ireland, this seemed like a good place to share our journey in both pictures and sounds. Since then, it’s also become home base for the Session class I also teach from time to time. So, if you’re local to Charlottesville, you can follow along with those posts to learn some of the tunes we’ve been working on. Often, those do find their way to our local sessions.

I’ll slowly compile tunes that fall into several categories such as tunes from BRIMS classes, tunes from King Golden Banshee (local band I’m in), and other tunes that I’m learning on my own. For my session class posts, there will usually be a recording of the tune at learning speed. You can use the links on the left to focus in on either categories of posts (such as DADGAD guitar) or types of tunes (jigs, reels, etc.).

You can find me playing with King Golden Banshee (KGB) at Tin Whistle Pub in Charlottesville (usually 2nd and 4th Sundays). I also back Jude Christian, a fabulous traditional singer, and play rhythm (bouzouki and guitar) in Dusty Hedgehog with Augie Fairchild and Alex Davis. Last, please stop by our weekly session at Tin Whistle at 7:30 on Tuesday nights (led by Augie and Alex) as well as our monthly session at C’ville Coffee (1st Thursdays). Both sessions keep an active email list that provide tune lists and are very welcoming.

I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions on how to make the site more useful. But please realize I’m just doing this for fun. It’s down the priority pole a few notches. Also if you don’t already know about it, please visit the BRIMS website. Hope you enjoy my blog and Cead Mile Failte!

5 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Wow Stu – I didn’t even know this great Blog was here. Very nicely done, and so easy to access our tunes from BRIMS. I’ve been struggling along with a micro-cassette recorder for years. Those nephews I hike with (that I was telling you about last night) call me “Analog John”. Anyway, great music at Fellini’s last night. Have a great new year. JH

  2. Thanks John… and thanks for coming out last night and your on-going support of BRIMS. Great day of fun and music in Charlottesville yesterday. Enjoyed hanging out with everyone at Fellini’s too. I will say that once you go digital there’s no turning back!

    1. Hi John,
      I did send an email to the email address I had, but it might be out of date. We’d (of course) love to have you in class! Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed on the weather for tomorrow.

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