Trad Tune Challenge

Have you been noticing some of your friends and teachers posting Irish tunes recently? Similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge, Tommy McCarthy started this Facebook campaign to raise awareness about the growing problem of mental health difficulties and depression among young adults in Ireland. For more information on work of St. Patrick’s Mental Health Foundation and the campaign, please visit their “Walk In My Shoes” website.

If you’re feeling generous, please make a donation!

Thanks to Zak for nominating me and since our daughter was home over Thanksgiving, she gladly raised the level of musicianship in the video. So here’s our contribution to the cause.

The tune we’re playing is called Tommy Mulhaire’s Jig, but also known as Castletown Connor’s. We learned it on our most recent BRIMS trip to Ireland from Breda and Claire Keville. Sweet tune and is still one of my favorites.