Sessions in the Valley

If you are willing to explore beyond the confines of our local Charlottesville area, there are some great sessions to be found. Here are a couple of links to tempt you in a new direction.

Jeff Willner, a fellow SwannyG regular, has a fabulous website that lists the on-going sessions (and some recordings) from the NRV – Irish in the New River Valley.

Erin Murphy and Cheryl Tobler, both lovely players of the flute (and whistle and pipes) host this weekly Sunday session at Corgan’s Publick House in Harrisonburg. On the site it says 8-11pm, but I believe they’ve moved it up to 7-10pm.

And remember BRIMS’ session on the 1st Thursday of each month at C’ville Coffee, led by Brock Napierkowski from 7-9pm. First hour is slow to moderate. Second hour is all out.