Jerry’s Beaver Hat

Happy Independence Day! It’s been a long break due to a bunch of back to back business trips and now, a couple of more pleasurable travels (but more on that in another post). However, while I’ve been hoofing it various places, I have been making some mental notes about tunes and posts to come. Here is the first one, Jerry’s Beaver Hat, a jig I’ve been working on over the last month or two and one that I’ve played with KGB and Katherine on guitar for quite awhile now. One of my favorite jigs – very major and lively – and fairly easy to remember. For me anyway, it is a tune I’m likely to find myself humming the morning after a good session. Always a good sign for a jig 🙂

Jerry’s Beaver Hat (Jig)   Watch and Listen   View Notation   Key of D

I’m off to SwannyG with John, Holly and Sue next week, so expect a log jam of posts in the coming weeks!

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