DADGAD Guitar – Week 1

Four main aspects to learn for guitar backing (applies to all tunings – DADGAD, Drop D, Standard):

• Rhythm (jig, reel, polka, etc.)
• Root Note or Tonic (D, E, B, G, A)
• Mode (major, mixolydian, dorian, minor)
• Chords (fingering/shapes)

Understanding these will take you a long way.  Practice, ear, improvisation, and experience is the rest of it.

Listen to ITM so that you know the tunes:  What they sound like (major minor), their rhythms (jigs, reels, hornpipes, etc.), where they are going, and recognizing when they don’t fall in typical patterns.   Here are some well-known guitarists to listen to:

• John Doyle (w/Liz Carroll). Note: John plays Drop D primarily

Liz and John Example 1

• Eamon O’Leary (Live at Mona’s)
• Others: Paul Brady, Dennis Cahill, Art McGlynn, Daithi Sproule

There are many tunes on this site, as you gain experience, practice backing them.

Chord Fingering / Shapes:

Here’s one nice D scale pattern (can be used ascending or descending)

Today we’ll work on a well known reel, “My Love is in America”.  It is a two-part reel in D.

Play along with My Love is in America

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