Tommy Mulhair’s Jig

Today’s tune brought back memories from Ireland as we learned Mulhair’s from Breda and Claire Keville. Since I knew the tune on mandolin already, it was interesting to be able to think more about the ornamentation and bowing for a change in class. My old brain seems to only be able to handle one dimension of a tune at a time (maybe two on a good day after coffee). I can either focus on the notes, the bowing, or the ornamentation, but not all three. Still, last night the jig rhythm seemed to be emanating from my bow for a change. And memories of Ireland always bring a smile to my face.

Also found out while looking for the notation that this tune also goes by the name of Castletown Connors.

Listen to Mulhair’s Jig.
Listen to Mulhair’s Jig (played slower).

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