Tarbolton / The Longford Collector / The Sailor’s Bonnet

I have several posts in mind to enter before classes get underway again this Fall. Here is the first which I’ve been meaning to put on here for a long time and was recently reminded to do so at the local BRIMS session (first Thursdays at 7pm at C’ville Coffee). All you fiddle players should work toward having this classic Michael Coleman set of reels in your repertoire.

Listen to the Set as Played by Michael Coleman

Notation Links:
Tarbolton Key of Em
The Longford Collector Key of G
The Sailor’s Bonnet Key of D

Please note that at least on some browsers, pointing directly to the link of the tune doesn’t work too well, so I am now pointing to the general information on the tune on thesession.org which does have the added benefit of easily viewing the key signature, comments, etc., but you will have to click on the “sheetmusic” link at the top of the screen to see the notation.

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