Susan Fletcher Tansey Scholarship Recipients Announced for Swannanoa

BRIMS is pleased to announce that fiddle student Leah Marshall and dance student Chloe Hellerman are recipients of the 2013 youth scholarships to the Swannanoa Gathering Celtic Week. The Susan Fletcher Tansey youth scholarship is made possible by a generous donation from Interpretive Simulations.

Congrats Leah and Chloe!! Have a great week and bring back some new tunes and steps to our community! Sue would be so happy for you.

2 thoughts on “Susan Fletcher Tansey Scholarship Recipients Announced for Swannanoa”

  1. Stu, Are you going to Swannanoa this year? Hope to see you or other folks I might know. Ellen D. (now in Memphis, formerly in C’ville)

    1. Hi Ellen – Great to hear that you’ll be there! Yes, I’m planning on coming and Katherine’s 21st birthday present is a trip to SwannyG as well. On top of that, I believe that Cheryl will be there again this year with the class she’s teaching… so, Ireland reunion!! Can’t wait. And boy do I need it this year!

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