Pipe on the Hob

This week, Alex taught Patrick Ourseau’s version of Pipe on the Hob which is a completely different tune than the one I know. You might know this version from the Live at Mona’s CD which, not surprisingly, features Patrick on Fiddle and is a also great “source for tunes” CD!

Pipe on the Hob (reel)  Listen   View Notation

Now, since this is going on the internet, it seems only right to put up the other version that I was familiar with so that folks are aware of both versions. The 3 part version below has notation on thesession.org and in the Fiddler’s Fakebook. Here’s that version, as the first tune in a sweet set.

Pipe on the Hob (Alternate version) Watch  View Notation

So, who knows how we ended up with different versions out there? The question came up in session class as well with regard to different notation, or that the same tune is known by different names. The answer, of course, has to do with how the tunes have been passed down over the years. Maybe we shouldn’t worry so much about the names and just play the tunes! All part of my new mantra – “Delicious Ambiguity” – embrace it!

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