Paddy Keenan

I had the rare opportunity to back renowned piper, Paddy Keenan, last weekend in Charlottesville. As I’m sure the 5 people who follow this blog know, he was a founding member of the Bothy Band, one of the Irish Trad Supergroups from a few years back now. Definitely one of the musical highlights of my life, and though I would have loved the opportunity to work with the tunes before playing it live in front of an audience, there is something wonderful about being in the moment with Irish trad music. Anyway, here are a couple of videos from the show and thanks again to Paddy for the opportunity to accompany him.


I should also add how much I’m enjoying my new backing instrument of choice – a fabulous bouzouki made by my friend Gil Draper of Knoxville, TN. I’ve been having such fun with it – thanks Gil!!

3 thoughts on “Paddy Keenan”

  1. Wow, great blog, Stu! So much here. Nicely done!
    So fun that you got to back up Paddy Keenan.
    I see you’ve got a section devoted to Prince Edward Island fiddling. It’s such a unique style. I have some wonderful recordings of PEI fiddlers. Three favorites are “Latex Jig”, “Brae Reel”, and “Bonnie Dundee”.
    Take care, Stu!

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