Paddy Fahy’s Sligo Maid

I’ve fallen behind a couple of weeks in Alex’s class, so here is the “catch-up” post. However, I will say it was well worth the wait as these are two tunes worth knowing. I think Sue was the force behind learning Paddy Fahy’s, and no, we don’t know which Paddy Fahy’s it is. Part of the allure. However, after looking it up on, it listed several other titles for it, one of which gave me quite a good chuckle this morning.

“Also known as And Never Was Piping So Gay, Blacksmith’s Anvil, The Blacksmith’s Anvil, Ed Reavy’s, Fahey´s Tractor, Never Was Piping So Gay, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy Fahey’s No. 14, Paddy Fahy’s Favourite Orgy Scene, Reavy’s, Shaney Mulhearn’s, Shaney Mulhern’s.”

When we were learning Sligo Maid, I was sitting there thinking that I just recently played it with someone, but I couldn’t place it. Sophie was kind enough to remind me that we played it for our teacher set on Friday. Yes, Alzheimer’s is rapidly setting in. Further confirmation of that was that I couldn’t recall the names of the tunes the next day and had to email for help. The brain is an amazing place and getting less amazing all the time. Enjoy the tunes!

Paddy Fahy’s  Listen   View Notation   Key of G
Sligo Maid   Listen   View Notation   Key of Am

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