Paddy Fahey’s Jig and Reel (#20)

Mainly just plunking these up here for my own reference. I’m long overdue to learn a Paddy Fahey tune, and these are the two in the running right now. Both are really nice tunes and the Evelyn Healy version was just too sweet not to post. And reel is Martin Hayes. Can’t top that.

Oh gee, the next set that came up was too good not to include (Paddy Fahey Reel). Maybe some of my students remember Banks of Lough Gowna – seriously hot version! Be sure to check out Caitlin’s variations on that one. Great example of a set of different rhythms.

Addendum Sept 8, 2016

Came across this site with many of the Paddy Fahey tunes in one place. Yay!

Phillip Doddy’s Collection of Paddy Fahey Tunes

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