Joe Bane’s (from Martin Hayes)

Listen to Joe Bane’s

This came from Katherine the day she substituted for Alex. She learned this tune in Martin Hayes advanced fiddle class at the Swannanoa Gathering in 2008. I’m afraid I couldn’t find the sheet music on the web. Seems that Joe Bane was a fairly prolific tune writer and a big influence on Martin Hayes. Love the F natural in the b part of the tune. Tough to finger though.

2 thoughts on “Joe Bane’s (from Martin Hayes)”

  1. Hi, Stu,

    I’m having trouble opening the .wma files (Rocky Road to Dublin, Joe Banes) – I just get gibberish text instead of the tune. Any thoughts?

    Sue Berres

    1. Hi Sue,
      Does your computer support wma files (Windows Media Player)? If you’re on a Mac you may want to look at the following link for more information. If you’re on Windows, maybe download the most recent version of Windows Media Player.

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