Intermediate Session Class 2012 #2: Rhythm and Pulse in Jigs

REMINDER: I (Brock) will not be here for this week’s class – I will be having a double session next week from 7-9pm. 

That said, I would like to introduce our first jig set: The Maid On the Green / Anthony Frawley’s

These are classic jigs and just wonderful tunes. The set comes from a recent release from two wonderful players Willie Kelly and Mike Rafferty – ‘The New Broom’ is the name of the album. 

Maid on the Green Discography:

Anthony Frawley’s Discography:

Youtube links:

Anthony Frawley’s at 1:04 by the young band The Ivy Leaf

Decent version of Maid on the Green by San Francisco whistle player Ceri Garfield played fast (she speeds up though) and then slow.

Here is a great example of just how international irish music now is: Maid on the Green played by a south korean group that the band Bard taught as part of their ‘bard project’.

A nice flute version with lark on the strand played by Tomoyuki Koshi.

Full Orchestral versionmarching fife and drum version (interesting, but not very good).

And I might take a bit of heat for this, but here’s a great example of WHAT NOT TO DO!

Start teaching yourself that O’Callighan’s – by ear if you can. Learning by ear is frustrating at first but please try it – it gets easier each time. Use the audacity program that I listed in my last post – and if you have been giving the tune a good listen over the last week, the playing part should come easier than you might expect.

This last week’s session was great fun. We had tunes, stories, and everyone played well together. 

More to come…


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