‘Tis good to be back at BRIMS and in Alex’s class. In addition to learning Dinky’s Reel tonight, I learned three other important things. 1) Not playing fiddle for 4 months wreaks havoc with your intonation and confidence, 2) my replacement recorder uses mp3 format, making my life a step easier when it comes to posting tunes, and 3) not a smart idea to run 9 miles right before class. The old brain was a little fuzzy tonight. So, without further ado, here’s Dinky!

Dinky’s (Reel)  Listen
Dinky’s (Reel)  Listen (Slow)   View Notation  Key of Am (thanks John!)

Session class begins next week – looks like an excellent crew. Discovered 5 more people who are signing up tonight. Looking forward to that! Now I just have to compile the tunes…

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