DADGAD Guitar – In between weeks 2 and 3

Once again, class was canceled due to weather. What a winter here in Virginia. Work got away from me today, so I wasn’t able to post a new practice tune and I’m now on my way to Michigan for two days. Hopefully I’ll get a new tune posted on Sunday after I return. In the meantime, try accompanying the tune “Cliffs of Moher” which is listed under the fiddle class. It is also a A minor jig (like Lilting Banshee), so similar chord progressions will work for it (but not exactly the same). When we get together next week, we’ll give that one a try at the beginning of class, so practice up!

Sunday update: I snagged Katherine to record it one time with me as our ships passed today… we apologize for a few of the mistakes, but listen for the F position in the b part (two options). A min Jig.

Listen to Cliffs of Moher with guitar accom.

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