DADGAD Guitar – Week 3

You all sounded great this week on the jigs. Keep practicing a little each day! The difference from the beginning of the hour until the end was really significant this week. You both really started to get a good feel for the jig rhythm and chord changes on those last few times through Cliffs of Moher!

In the last 5 minutes of class, I introduced a new tune, “Out on the Ocean” which is a “G” tune. But as you recognized in class, something a little different is happening in the B part. During this week, work on two alternative chord approaches for the B part and we’ll go over it next week along with some potential variations on jig strum patterns.

Also don’t be afraid to try playing along to other tunes on this site or on the BRIMS site ( The more you practice and experiment, the quicker you’ll pick up the accompaniment. Also, this week I’m posting the notes to the tune, so if you can read music a little, potentially use the notes to help you determine some chord options. Have fun!

Listen to Out on the Ocean

Added Sunday: And for a little inspiration, I came across this YouTube video today – two of the best playing together. Watch what Paul does to emphasize different parts of the tune by changing up the strumming patterns.

Listen to Arty McGlynn & Paul Brady

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